To All The Cynics

How often does a friend come along who, not only inspires you, but fuels your creativity? How often do you find a friend who speaks your same language, a friend who gets it before you explain it? How many of your friends push you (with an ever-so-gentle shove) into action? (A shove you are grateful for!) Sadly, not many. I am blessed to have found such a friend.

I would like to introduce you to my accountability partner, the talented Casey Gates – filmmaker, artist extraordinaire, and genius behind Lady Brain. Casey has done something pretty outstanding. She’s leapt into a new creative genre while fully admitting being a novice. And what’s even more remarkable is she’s committed to remaining transparent about the whole process. The trial and error, the troubleshooting, and yes, the tears – she’s committed to sharing it all.

Lady Brain is her answer to the need for more female film directors in Hollywood. It’s her platform for women’s voices, stories, and perspectives. It’s place where she can both create and share the creative process.

I am so very honored that she chose my story as the inspiration for her directorial debut. Please watch!

To All the Cynics from Casey Gates on Vimeo.

While I was still pregnant with Judah I wrote a blog post, To All the Cynics, I Call Bullshit. In case you missed it, you can read it here. Now that my son is here, I am even more set in my belief that the world is a beautiful place. And I think Casey captures that sentiment perfectly.

Want to know about this fabulous Casey Gates? Check out the first episode of Lady Brain here. Or follow Casey on Facebook so you’ll never miss an episode.


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