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To All the Cynics, I Call Bullshit

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To All the Cynics, I Call Bullshit


Back before I got knocked up, I’d sometimes feel a little reserved about expressing how much I wanted children when in mixed company. With all the pressure our elder generations have placed on us, the subject of kids has become a loaded one. When you tell people you hope to have a family someday, you don’t always get the most supportive or positive response. My peers are pushing back against expectations with force.

But every so often you get the wildcard response, (more…)

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Sphincters & Moans (or the Power of Om)

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OmI have a confession to make – I’m om shy.  Oh, I can om with the best of them in a classroom setting but when it comes to leading others in the chant or vocalizing a mantra in my own meditation practice, well, I’d prefer not to.

My husband loves the om and used to pester me about adding it to my classes when I was teaching yoga regularly.  Ok, I’d say, then conveniently run out of time at the end of class.

I actually quite like the om.  There is something really great about feeling it surround you from all sides, ripple up your spine, and fill your chest. The collective om is an energy I feel comfortable tapping into.  There’s strength in numbers.  But the solo om has never been my thing. (more…)

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Love: The Magic that Brings Two Heartbeats Together

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Heartbeat to Heartbeat


When I was a kid, every time our family adopted a puppy my mother would create the same set up: a small bed and blanket with a heating pad and ticking clock tucked underneath. She said the clock would remind the puppy of his mother’s heartbeat and sooth him. I’d think of him searching for his mama during the night only to find a clock as a substitute for her heartbeat and wonder if that would suffice. I’d wonder when he would stop searching for the comfort of her beating heart, if ever.



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