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Two Years

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Two Years Married


I am a wife. It’s still a strange feeling when my husband asks, “Have you met my wife?”


It still feels a little like I’m acting a part in a play. But not like in high school when I was cast as the ingenue. Now, I have a juicy role, one I can really chop down on. I’m Kate of Kate Hall. I’m Beatrice. I’m queen of this stage.

I’m all those things. But I’m also so utterly human. (more…)

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The YouTube Video that Saved My Relationship

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Photo Credit: Next to Me Studios
Photo Credit: Next to Me Studios


A YouTube video changed my life. One little video, a video lasting less than six minutes completely altered the way I look at the world – so much so that I believe it’s the reason I am married right now.

I have shared it with more friends than I can count. I have ended so many chats with, “There’s this video you should watch…” And so many friends have then told me that it was gold, it was just what they needed to hear, that they went on to share it with others.

And now, I share it with you. (more…)


Believe ‘Em When They Tell You Who They Are

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When people tell you who they are, believe them.


Many, many years ago I dated this guy who told me after only a few lovely dates that he was really close to him mom. Nice! Right? He’s close to his mama.

Then he elaborated.

He was really, really close. Unusually close. Like sometimes-people-think-it’s-weird kind of close.

I took this piece of information to my wise friend, Rebecca. She told me, (more…)


Break-Ups in Your 30s and Staying on Target

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Break-ups in your 30s are hard.  Really hard.

Don’t get me wrong, they can be just as painful as break-ups in your 20s (or teen years, for that matter). But they are challenging in a different way. Growing up, I think many people of my generation had preconceived notions about what our 30s would be like. And whether those notions came from our families, communities, or from ourselves, chances are, for better or worse, the life we are living now is very different from that which we imagined. (more…)

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