What’s Up, Park?

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Our budget sand toys: bins from the 99 Cents Only Store and coffee lids from Trader Joe’s.


We love parks. We spend a lot of time at parks. When Judah is cranky, we go to the park. When Judah is happy, we go to the park.

We like parks because:

  • Sticks are rad.
  • Dirt is rad.
  • Leaves are rad.
  • Sand is rad.
  • Random pieces of trash are super rad.



Listen to This: The Longest Shortest Time

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Listen to This

I love podcasts. I loooooove them. They make long car trips fly by and cleaning the house less of a chore. They inform me, entertain me, and make me more interesting at dinner parties.

In the past year, I’ve been devouring them like sugar. I like to step outside of my world and look at the human experience through someone else’s eyes. Plus, I don’t have much time for reading lately so podcasts satisfy the need for a good story.

When I come across a particularly good podcast, I want to share. So, I present to you The Longest Shortest Time.

The most recent episode is awesome and well worth a listen. It’s the story of a twenty-something gay couple in Los Angeles who became parents over night. One day they were clubbing, traveling, and living it up; the next they were parents to a one and three-year-old. This episode is told from one guy’s point of view. The host, Hilary Frank, promises to share the other guy’s point of view very soon. Check it out here.

If you are the weepy type or are sensitive about kids, this may get to you. It got to me. You have been warned!

Enjoy! And have a spectacular Fourth of July!

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My Five Latest Obsessions

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My 5 Latest ObsessionsPeonies

Peonies are in season!  I am obsessed. Just look at these beauties!  Run to Trader Joe’s now and get a bundle. I promise they will make your day brighter.  The creeper in me wants to fondle them. But I resist.

No, that’s I lie. I molest them every time I walk by. I can’t help it. (more…)

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Big Bellies and Bikinis

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Pema Body QuoteLast weekend, at 35 weeks pregnant I pranced around a public pool in a bikini and it was grand. But sharing bare skin with the sun hasn’t always been top on my list of things I love. This has been a journey 25 years in the making.

When I was in middle school my family got a pool.  I’m sure my parents imagined that my sister and I would splash around from sunrise to sunset, that our summers would be filled with pool parties and sun-kissed adventures. My sister’s childhood movie may be filled with such wonderful water memories. But not mine. (more…)

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