Happy Autumn


The season is here. I’m sure it feels like autumn in some parts of the country. But it really doesn’t feel like it here in Southern California. These are the days when the first hint of a chill will be enough (in my opinion) to warrant a scarf, leg warmers, and a winter hat.

Yeah, I said leg warmers.

Fall symbolizes maturity. It’s a time for us to be reflective, turn inward, and synthesize the all the lessons learned during summer celebrations. It’s a time to ground and conserve, to bundle up – whether that means layering your sweaters or surrounding yourself with more love and spiritual warmth.

This is my favorite season, a time when I feel most alive and fulfilled. Maybe it has something to do with being an introvert, being the kind of person who relishes in a Friday night spent alone with a glass of wine and my journal. There is magic in a grey sky; it’s like the universe is saying, close your eyes and you’ll feel your truth.

I always treat the changing of the seasons as an opportunity to set new goals. Here are a few goals I have for fall:

Go Apple Picking – I’ve always wanted to do this but have never been able to pull my business together quick enough to catch the good pickin’ times. Oak Glen is only a couple hours outside of LA, and now that The Guy is finally sort of almost okay with longish car rides, I feel adventurous enough to give the field trip a go. If I can actually get our family out there, you can look forward to some pretty adorable pictures of Judah toddling through an apple orchard.

Massive Haul to Goodwill – Never heard of ‘fall cleaning?’ It’s totally a thing. At least, from where I stand it is. I feel like every season calls for a good scouring of the floors, vacuuming of the corners, and purging of the closets. As you pull out those cable knit sweaters and tuck away the camis, ask yourself, “Do I even really like this?” It’s okay for some items of clothing to only last a summer run (especially if they came from Forever 21). But a good purging shouldn’t end at the bedroom door. Surely, there are dishes, linens, tchotchkes, or appliances that you don’t need anymore. Lord, I have more than a few. Let’s bag ’em up and move ’em out!


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Slow Down – Summer should feel lazy and long like a Sunday afternoon stretched out over three months. But with all the BBQs, weddings, vacations, and events, it feels more like a whirl around The Rotor at the county fair. I love a good carnival ride. But it’s time to slow down. Fall is for long walks, long rainy afternoons curled up in an overstuffed chair with a good book, long candlelit dinners with good friends and good bottles of wine (or apple cider). Fall is for cozy, and cozy doesn’t happen in a flash. You have to wrap a sweater around your shoulders, tuck your toes into fuzzy slippers, and steep something steamy and sweet in order to get cozy. This fall, I’m going to slow down. I’m going to play lots of Van Morrison, read lots of books, and introduce Judah to the joys of stomping through fallen leaves.

Revive Sunday Hike Day – Speaking of stomping through leaves, I want to start hiking again. We were an avid hiking family until Judah got too heavy to carry on our chests. Not to mention the insane Southern California heat that hit us this summer. It’s time to revive the hike. Whether that means carrying him on our backs or pushing him in the jogging stroller. Our boy loves the outdoors and naps are happier when he has time to breathe fresh air, and touch leaves and things. So, this fall I’m taking this party outdoors. Know of any stroller-friendly hikes in the LA area? Please share!

Well, there are four things I’m going to focus on this season. What about you? What goals or endeavors are lighting your fire this season? I’d love to hear.


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