It seems I’m obsessed with belly-cramping, can-barely-breathe, fall on the ground giggling lately. That’s not a bad thing. Unless, of course, you’re at work and your giggling makes everyone in the office peak over their computers at the person so obviously NOT working. Follow these links at your discretion.

Medieval Reactions

A friend turned me on to this Twitter feed and now I check it weekly to see if I’ve missed anything new. Because it just kills me.

Medieval art + witty captions = AWESOME

I mean, “Woah! Sure you got me, God!”

Seriously. I die every time.

The Mortified Podcast

I heard about Mortified through This American Life. I think. Well, I hear about a lot of super-fantastic things through This American Life so maybe they are on default in my brain for anything I fall in love with.

Anyhoo, in case you haven’t heard about it, Mortified is a live event where people read the things they wrote as kids – diary entries, poetry, novels, letters, what have you. It’s also a podcast so you can enjoy the mortification on the rocks.

I bet you’re thinking back to the things you wrote as a kid. I bet you’re a little mortified just thinking about it. I am.

I started keeping a journal when I was in the second grade and have been journaling in some form (off and on) ever since. I know there’s some gold buried in those boxes of journals. Until I have the guts to dig through them and relive my youth, I enjoy laughing at the raw humanness others so generously serve up for us weekly.

Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Here’s a recent one I enjoyed: Summer Camp Spectacular!

This is Not That Blog

I really love stick figures. Me and stick figures go way back. All the way back to the notes I passed with my friends in high school. (With all the technology kids have access to, do they even pass notes anymore? I really have no idea. I would be so grateful if someone could answer this for me.)

Anyway, if you love stick figures too and you love it when they reflect life back at you in the wittiest of ways, then you will enjoy this site.

This post is really, very good. I know nothing about the book she plugs at the end. The book doesn’t even matter. I just love the stick figures.

Building Block Towers

Block Towers

And because I’m just obsessed with this guy and everything that has to do with him, I’m also obsessed with building block towers just so he can knock them over.

Jeremy and I will stay up an extra 20 minutes at night building a small city we know he will destroy in under five minutes. He pads through the living room like a small giant taking down everything in his path. He has even begun to imitate my high-pitched ahhhhhhh when they come tumbling down.

It’s just great.

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