The Things We Regret

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“I don’t regret anything.”

I used to say this. A lot.

I’ve made mistakes (some of them rather significant). Declaring that I didn’t regret anything was a way of owning it all. I felt like I was saying, “This is who I am, flaws and all. This is me: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Take it or leave it.”

I’m not sure where I got this philosophy from. Maybe I caught some (more…)

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The Thing No Parent Should Ever Tell You

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“The hardest part of parenting is catching barf in your hands.”

My dad told me this at some point in the year before Judah was born. My mother agreed. Parenting was easy.

I thought back to these words many times in the first few months of being a momma. And they made me so freaking angry. Parenting was NOT easy. No it was not. If Judah was an appliance, I would have (more…)


What’s In a Name – Writing In Bold

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Bold is being curious, trying something new. Bold is being unflinchingly real, being youer than you, even when it’s the unpopular option. I believe that our lives are better when we are bold.


The walls were adorned with posters of Angela Davis and Gloria Steinem. And there was always a stack of Ms. Magazine in the corner, which we were free to take.

The UCLA Women’s Resource Center was cozy, but quiet. It was supposed to feel welcoming and warm, the kind of place you’d want to go if you needed support. Situated in the basement of a humanities building, it was a refuge for young women, a place where you didn’t have to shout to be heard, a place where your voice mattered – no matter how meek.

The Women’s Resource Center was the gateway to (more…)


Banishing the Mean Reds – Getting Past Fear

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Mean Reds

Every once in a while they creep up on me. I only know they’re here by the tightness in my chest, by the shortness of my breath, and by the slide show of ‘what ifs’ that flash before me, keeping me awake while I listen to the sounds of my partner sleep.

I’m talking about the Mean Reds. Or, in case you’ve never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fear (to be more specific, ALL the Fears). (more…)


Happy Autumn!

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Happy Autumn


The season is here. I’m sure it feels like autumn in some parts of the country. But it really doesn’t feel like it here in Southern California. These are the days when the first hint of a chill will be enough (in my opinion) to warrant a scarf, leg warmers, and a winter hat.

Yeah, I said leg warmers. (more…)

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To All the Cynics – A Film by Casey Gates

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To All The Cynics

How often does a friend come along who, not only inspires you, but fuels your creativity? How often do you find a friend who speaks your same language, a friend who gets it before you explain it? How many of your friends push you (with an ever-so-gentle shove) into action? (A shove you are grateful for!) Sadly, not many. I am blessed to have found such a friend.

I would like to introduce you to (more…)

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