Freeze Time


If I could have one superpower I wouldn’t wish for the ability to fly (as helpful as it would be in a city like Los Angeles). I wouldn’t wish for invisibility, although my inner creeper would probably take that one out for a test drive if given the opportunity. I would wish for the power to stop time.

Imagine it! Imagine living your average day getting as much done as you could in the short 24 hours you are given. Then right at the point when you think you can’t get any more done because damn, it’s midnight and if you don’t go to bed now, you won’t get enough sleep and you’ll never make it through everything you’ve got to do tomorrow and heck, what difference does one little email make? Just one more and then…

Okay, now imagine having the ability to freeze time right at that point just so you can get a few more things done, check off a few more to-dos, work-out, sleep a few hours more… Oh, imagine it! What would it feel like to wake up in the morning totally ready, not behind because you couldn’t get enough done the day before, and like, super charged because you stopped time just so you could sleep a few extra hours?

Man, I’d love to know.

As it stands, I have no such superpower. Oh, I have others. Though, stopping time is not one of them.

We all have banal stuff we have to do each day – a to-do list laden with phone calls to the insurance company, trips to Target, closets to reorganize, chores, and such like that. And then there’s this other list, this secret unicorn of a list that you only get to tackle on very special occasions, like a full moon, or when your appointment was canceled and you have nothing else to do but that thing that you really want to do and you never get to do, which is…

your art.

If you’re like me, you think you have to get everything else done before you can be your creative self and write that song, that book, choreograph that dance, paint that masterpiece, or whatever it is that your soul says you were meant to do in this lifetime.

You do not.

We can’t freeze time. We just can’t. So, how are we going to live balanced lives? How are we going to take care of the basics, make sure we smell okay when we leave the house, and still have time to nurture our creative selves?


Create Now


I’m going to tell you right now. Are you ready for it?

You’re going to suck. Just a little. You’re going to suck at stuff just enough to get by. Just enough to keep the house from burning down, keep current on all your payments and super-important responsibilities, and keep the loved ones in your life feeling loved.

I know. It sounds crazy. The truth is, we can spend lifetimes taking care of shit. People do. Let me tell you! People spend their entire lives putting off a creative calling because of all the things they feel they should do. And it’s a damn shame.

The world is no better for all the beds perfectly made, all the sinks empty of dishes, or the homes fully stocked with paper towels. When an artist choses to put off bringing to life that thing that whispers to her in the shower, the world is a little lonelier and a little smaller. It’s the kind of world where no one has ever stood in the presence of a Mark Rothko, felt the poetry of Patti Smith, or lived in the pages of J.K. Rowling. That’s a world I don’t want to live in. And what’s more, it’s a world I don’t want my son to live in either.

In my house, a little bit of sucking looks like a living room lightly dusted with cat hair, clean clothes stored in a dryer for four days, and a trunk full of hand-me-downs that haven’t found a home. It looks like Trader Joe’s salads for lunch, left-over pizza for dinner, and frozen organic fruit for when we run out of fresh organic fruit. I could go on.

Letting yourself suck a little bit would probably look different in your house. It may even be a house I couldn’t live in. But who cares? The one thing I know for sure is the people around you would be happier, the generations behind you would be inspired, and the world would be a much better place.

If you let yourself suck, just a little, you might be a fulfilled artist. You might be a doer, as well as a dreamer. You might be happy.

So, what I want to know is, what would you create if you let yourself suck, just a little?



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