Hey Artist, Your Day Job is Fantastic – Here’s Why You Need It

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Hey Artist, Your Day Job is Fantastic – Here's Why


Most people don’t know this about me, but a very, very long time ago, I was an actress aspiring actress. I performed in plays during high school and while in college. Then I graduated and decided to just keep auditioning and acting until I “made it.” Whatever that means.

I didn’t have a job lined up for me as I traipsed across the stage with a diploma in my hand. But that was okay because I had a plan: get a job waitressing in a really cool place about 3-4 nights a week where people throw money at you, spend days auditioning, land agent, nab break-through role, make lots of money, live happily ever after leaping from compelling role to compelling role.

Good plan. Here’s what actually happened: (more…)


When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit (or how I botched my son’s Halloween costume)

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I just learned something shocking about myself. It’s been true for years, but I had no idea until a little over a week ago.

First, a little background information: I come from a family of seamstresses. Two of my grandmothers are seamstresses, as is my mother. I grew up wearing handmade dresses and clothing my dolls with matching miniatures. My mom is so good, in fact, that she made my wedding dress.

With such talented ladies encouraging me, I learned to sew. At first with a needle, thread, and a swatch of scrap fabric. Then, with a machine. I made blankets for my Barbies and scarves for my dolls. And it was all fine and good. (more…)


Shift Your Perspective & Start Living in Bold

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Shift Your Perspective!

Every so often I get itchy.

I don’t mean, I-must-be-allergic-to-something itchy. I mean, that feeling like something’s not quite right. Like my shoes don’t fit and I want to get out of the house and DO something, but I don’t know what. It’s when I hear my favorite song and it’s just that old song again. I feel stuck in a rut and desperately want to get out. (more…)


To All the Cynics – A Film by Casey Gates

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To All The Cynics

How often does a friend come along who, not only inspires you, but fuels your creativity? How often do you find a friend who speaks your same language, a friend who gets it before you explain it? How many of your friends push you (with an ever-so-gentle shove) into action? (A shove you are grateful for!) Sadly, not many. I am blessed to have found such a friend.

I would like to introduce you to (more…)

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Listen to This: Magic Lessons

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Listen to This

I realize I just wrote a post about taking a break from podcasts, but this is just too good not to share. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, recently released a podcast designed to help creatives focus and do the thing they were meant to do, mainly create.

The podcast is called Magic Lessons. And it really is just that, magic.

In each episode Gilbert dives into a creative individual’s current situation to figure out what makes them feel stuck and how to get them unstuck. The beauty is that most of us can relate since it is very likely that we’ve felt the same at some point in our lives.

So far, the episodes are relatively short – under 30 minutes. They’re just little bits of inspiration you can put in your pocket and take out when you need a supportive nudge.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or here. Enjoy!


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Rescue Yourself from Writer’s Block – Three Practical Tools

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Writer's Block


You want to say something. There’s a fistful of glimmer sitting in your belly just dying to get out. You sit down to write and all that comes out is a spattering of words. You try again and they just plop out of you like half formed spitballs. Splat! Splot! It’s a mess.

There’s something that you need to say and you just don’t know how to say it. You try but all kinds of goo comes out. You don’t know what to do with all the writing goo. It sticks to everything. No matter what you do, it sounds sappy and nothing makes sense. GOOOO!

Well, I can help. Here are three tools I’ve used in the past to turn my pen into lightening that killed my writer’s block. (Or at least kept it at arms distance for a while.) (more…)

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