Hey Artist, Your Day Job is Fantastic – Here’s Why You Need It

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Hey Artist, Your Day Job is Fantastic – Here's Why


Most people don’t know this about me, but a very, very long time ago, I was an actress aspiring actress. I performed in plays during high school and while in college. Then I graduated and decided to just keep auditioning and acting until I “made it.” Whatever that means.

I didn’t have a job lined up for me as I traipsed across the stage with a diploma in my hand. But that was okay because I had a plan: get a job waitressing in a really cool place about 3-4 nights a week where people throw money at you, spend days auditioning, land agent, nab break-through role, make lots of money, live happily ever after leaping from compelling role to compelling role.

Good plan. Here’s what actually happened: (more…)


When You Don’t Know What to Do With Your Life

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When You Don't Know What to Do with Your Life


“I don’t really know what I want to do with my life yet…”


“I’m figuring it out…”


“I mean, I don’t want to be a (fill in the blank) forever. But this is fine for now…”

These are some of the things I’ve heard from young people. And it really gets me down. It’s a trend I wish I could break; they feel like they should wait until they know exactly what they want to do before they take a step in any direction. Years go by and they still haven’t figured out what they really want to do with their lives. Lost time. Lost potential. (more…)


How I Turned Fear Into Fuel

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Fear Image

I’ve always been full of ideas. I’ve dreamt up too many Etsy shops, coffee houses, magazines, crafts, and stories to count. 

But if you know me, you know that I do not have an Etsy shop. Nor do I run a coffee house or a magazine. Despite being a multi-passionate idea machine, allowing those ideas to have wings of their own and live outside of my head has been my greatest creative challenge. 

I’m a little embarrassed to admit why this happens. But, I have a feeling I’m not alone in this struggle, so here goes. (more…)


Shift Your Perspective & Start Living in Bold

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Shift Your Perspective!

Every so often I get itchy.

I don’t mean, I-must-be-allergic-to-something itchy. I mean, that feeling like something’s not quite right. Like my shoes don’t fit and I want to get out of the house and DO something, but I don’t know what. It’s when I hear my favorite song and it’s just that old song again. I feel stuck in a rut and desperately want to get out. (more…)


Screw Predictable – Settling Down with Adventure

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Wishing for a Predictable Life
19th Birthday Wish


We thought we had it all figured out. After graduation, we’d find super awesome jobs doing… something super awesome, and move into an apartment with a view. Around that time, we’d both meet our own tall, dark, and handsome someone, date for two years, get married, enjoy being newlyweds for another two years, buy a house, and then start popping out babies.

Ticky-tacky. Ticky-tacky.

My college roommate and I both drove red Geo Metros, majored in English, and loved going to midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show. So, it seemed entirely possible, indeed likely, that our life paths would lead us on the same fabulous and remarkably predictable path – a path that would take us directly into motherhood at the ripe old age of 26.

Needless to say, that’s not how things unfolded for either of us. (more…)


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