Just Have Fun

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Just Have Fun!It seems the universe is sending me a very clear message: take the stick out of your butt and relax, already. It’s time to have fun.

For months I have been reading childbirth books, asking experts and moms for advice, and watching the best of what YouTube has to offer. I’ve been collecting data and anecdotal experience. I’ve taken classes, watched DVDs, and listened to books on tape. All this in hopes of creating the perfect birth experience for myself and my baby.

Of all the experts who have weighed in, no one has ever said to me what my doctor said to me today. (more…)

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Big Bellies and Bikinis

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Pema Body QuoteLast weekend, at 35 weeks pregnant I pranced around a public pool in a bikini and it was grand. But sharing bare skin with the sun hasn’t always been top on my list of things I love. This has been a journey 25 years in the making.

When I was in middle school my family got a pool.  I’m sure my parents imagined that my sister and I would splash around from sunrise to sunset, that our summers would be filled with pool parties and sun-kissed adventures. My sister’s childhood movie may be filled with such wonderful water memories. But not mine. (more…)

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Let’s Go Play!

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Jeremy and Jaz Jump


I have a confession to make. But first, let me give you a little back story.

In 2002, I began teaching kindergarten as a Teach for America teacher. If you’re not familiar with the organization, in brief, TFA teachers are placed in under-resourced areas of the country after receiving intense training. Our mission was to make significant gains in the classroom, to narrow the achievement gap. Essentially, I was to raise the bar for my students, then get them up and over that bar. (more…)

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Plot Twists, Intrigue, and Being Very, Very Wrong

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Kathryn Schulz QuoteA few nights ago, around 7pm I parked my car at a meter, put money in the meter, looked right at a TOW AWAY sign that read, No Parking 2pm-4am, and walked right on to my destination. In my mind the sign read, No Parking 2am-4pm. I was wrong.

In her TED Talk, Kathryn Schulz speaks about the nature of making mistakes. She has made a career of studying mistakes and why, when given clues and facts, we still end up on the wrong side of right.  In fact, she calls herself a “wrongologist.” With such an official title, it’s no surprise that she hits on a few big truths in her talk.  (Would you expect any less from TED?) (more…)

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