You Only Have One Life Path – Surprise! You’re Already On it

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You Only Have One Life Path – Surprise! You're Already On it

There was this thing I wanted. And I wanted it bad.

Have you ever wanted something really bad? Like, you just keep thinking about how great life will be when you achieve it. And you imagine what you will wear, how you will act, and basically plan your entire future around this thing you really, really want? Anyway, that’s how bad I wanted it. So bad, I quit working towards it about seven years ago. (more…)

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Rescue Yourself from Writer’s Block – Three Practical Tools

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Writer's Block


You want to say something. There’s a fistful of glimmer sitting in your belly just dying to get out. You sit down to write and all that comes out is a spattering of words. You try again and they just plop out of you like half formed spitballs. Splat! Splot! It’s a mess.

There’s something that you need to say and you just don’t know how to say it. You try but all kinds of goo comes out. You don’t know what to do with all the writing goo. It sticks to everything. No matter what you do, it sounds sappy and nothing makes sense. GOOOO!

Well, I can help. Here are three tools I’ve used in the past to turn my pen into lightening that killed my writer’s block. (Or at least kept it at arms distance for a while.) (more…)

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