Judah Birthday 2

Judah turned one. Yay!

Yay for him! And Yay for us! We did it!

SooOOOOooo, we headed to our neighborhood park to celebrate his first birthday.  Just an afternoon gathering with family, a few friends, and lots and lots of food.

Judah Birthday 1

We asked a dear friend, the lovely and talented Tanya Alexis, to capture the afternoon on film (she even used real film). And I’m very glad we did. I was so busy reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in ages and following Judah around that I didn’t get a chance to pull out my camera once!

Judah Birthday 4

Tanya photographs children and families for a living. And there’s a good reason she’s chosen this profession – she’s ridiculously good at what she does.

What I love about her is that she is the exact same person in the company of children that she is with adults. When she met Judah for the first time she introduced herself to him and spoke to him in the same sweet, soothing voice she uses when the two of us are having a heart-to-heart. He locked eyes with her and settled into her arms, as if to say, “Thanks for seeing me as me.”

Judah Birthday

Tanya treats kids like people and allows them to be themselves, whether that means running amok or having a quiet, introverted moment. And I think that’s how she captures such beautiful shots.

The day couldn’t have been more lovely and I’m so grateful we have these pictures to remember it by. You can find out more about Tanya and the work that she does here.

Judah Birthday 3


Judah Birthday 9


Judah Birthday 6

Judah Birthday 7

Judah Birthday 8


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