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Shift Your Perspective!

Shift Your Perspective and Start Living In BOLD

When we need to make a change, we often look outside of ourselves. Look within.

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Wishing for a Predictable LifeScrew Predictable – Settling Down with Adventure

The truth is, adventure never really ends. Settling down isn’t what we think it is. We think that just because we hit certain milestones in life that the path stops twisting, straightens out and allows us to see exactly what’s on the horizon. It doesn’t.



Live Authentically

The One Question You Need to Ask Yourself in Order to Live Authentically

The beauty of this question is it gives you the confidence to take risks because it gives you ownership over your decisions. Even if it’s something you’ve never done before, this question gives you the power to rock it.


Two Years Married

The YouTube Video That Saved My Relationship

One little video, a video lasting less than six minutes completely altered the way I look at the world – so much so that I believe it’s the reason I am married right now.



Yoga with Baby

Holding Space

Holding space means being the calm in the storm. It means holding down the room so someone can feel their own personal hurricane in a safe place. It means creating a neutral energy that someone else can sit in without judgment or fear



Judah Aluma

Life Lessons: A Year in the Making

Parenthood has made me just a little bit wiser (just a teeny, tiny bit). Here are some of the amazing lessons I’ve learned in Judah’s first year of life.




09.13 Jeremy & Jazmine_Wedding-181-X2

Three Things I Learned About Life While Planning a Wedding

Sure, when you plan a wedding, you and your partner will gain some insight on your strengths and weaknesses. But the life lessons you take away from the experience are truly priceless. Here is what I learned.



Judah Birthday 6

To All the Cynics, I Call Bullshit

This world is so sweet; I won’t be made to feel bad for my choice to have children by cynics who choose to see the world in newspaper headlines.



When people tell you who they are, believe them.Believe People When They Tell You Who They Are

The things people say about themselves at the beginning of a relationship are clues letting you know what’s in store. You may not actually see the evidence right away. But trust me, it will come up.



Judah Beach 4Puppies and Heartbeats

I wonder if this is the journey we all go through–learning to live without feeling the heartbeats of our mothers, never realizing that her heart lives within us. Learning to be content only hearing our own until we find another that matches it, a heartbeat we can’t live without.