Jude Hat 9


What’s new in our world? Hats!

I think hats give Judah superpowers. Hand this boy a hat and he’s a happier, flirtier, more adventurous Jude.

He’ll point and ask for it by name, “Hah!” As soon as his hat is placed perfectly atop his little crown, he smiles the biggest smile, as if to say, “Now. Now I’m ready. Okay, Day, let’s do this.”


Jude Hat 12
Jude Hat 11
Jude Hat 7


When Jude was a baby in the wintertime, I loved putting little knit caps on him. Somehow they broadened the wonder on his face – his eyes seemed bigger and his smile wider. People said, “Just wait until he’s a toddler. He’ll rip that hat right off.”

Well, he’s officially a toddler, and he couldn’t love hats more.


Jude Hat 8


We found this bench off Melrose and he was content to sit and just take in the day. Didn’t need toys. Didn’t need a snack. In that moment, being a one-year-old in a hat on a summer afternoon was enough.


Jude Hat 5


We took this hat for a cruise around the neighborhood yesterday. Who needs a stroller when you have a hat?

He’s growing up way to fast. There’s a great, big world out there filled with sticks, and spiky things, and rocks, and dogs. It’s a lot, but not too much for a boy in a hat.


Jude Hat 2


Seriously, he’s starting college in the fall.


Jude Hat 4
Jude Hat 3
Jude Hat 1



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