Our budget sand toys: bins from the 99 Cents Only Store and coffee lids from Trader Joe’s.


We love parks. We spend a lot of time at parks. When Judah is cranky, we go to the park. When Judah is happy, we go to the park.

We like parks because:

  • Sticks are rad.
  • Dirt is rad.
  • Leaves are rad.
  • Sand is rad.
  • Random pieces of trash are super rad.

Park 1


There is something about the outdoors that really calms Judah. Ever since he was a wee thing, just stepping outside to be in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and sunlight would evoke a peace in him that no amount of shushing could induce.

Now that he is walking, we love parks even more for their infinite opportunities for exploration. He loves grabbing fists full of dirt or sand and watching it sift back down toward the earth.

Judah also loves watching the kids. He looks on as they run and jump and slide with an expression I can only classify as yearning. He wants to play with the big kids so bad. Once, a four-year-old stopped as he was running by to drop down to Judah’s level and give him a big, bright, Hello! The look on Judah’s face was stunned and delighted all at once. I will love that kid forever.


Park Swing Shadow


I grew up in the suburbs in a tract home that sits on a quarter acre of land. There was very little reason for us to visit the park. We had oodles and oodles of backyard to run around in. In fact, I can’t remember my parents ever taking us to the park. I don’t feel I missed out on anything. We freely rode our bikes down the streets in our neighborhood and when someone wanted to barbecue they simply fired up the grill in their own backyard and called the neighbors over.


Park 2


City kids have a different experience. At least, the ones who grow up in apartments do. So, Judah and I are discovering parks together. And I have to say, they’re really, pretty great.


Jeremy & Judah Park Tunnel Chase



Park 3


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